Friday, 22 April 2016

Buckethead "Claymation Courtyard" (2014)

American guitarist Buckethead is both a legend for his phenomenal guitar playing and an obscurity in the world of music. Raised in a chicken coup, Brain Caroll AKA Buckethead has created an air of mystery around himself, always appearing masked with an upside down KFC bucket on his head labeled "Funeral". The mysterious demeanor is second to his ability and unique flair with an electronic guitar. Although metallic and distortion heavy his style is experimental and avant-garde. The last time I properly listened to a record of his was ten years ago, 2006's "Crime Slunk Scene" which was around the early days of his accelerated record releases. Buckethead has released over 250 albums in around 25 years. In the 00s he started pumping out three to four a year and in the 10s he is releasing extraordinary amounts with over 100 in 2015. As you might suspect these albums are more like jams that have been polished up but even so with Buckethead's extraordinary ability a jam is a gem.

Speaking of gems "Disintegration Mirrors" is this albums moment of genius. It was also how I found the record! Tweeted by John Romero, one of the creators of doom, I found myself gobsmacked at the wonderful guitar solo this track dived right into. Then ten minutes or so later I released I'm still captivated. The other songs on the record sound decent alongside it but don't have quite the same spark. If you are familiar with Bucketheads style this is a pretty standard amalgamation of warm, mid tempo distortion riffage and colorful effect heavy guitar leads in non linear arrangements. The drums are programmed by top end VSTs and possibly the bass guitar too. Its solid, workable, nothing to marvel and can get a little rigid if you focus too close on the drumming. I'm left entertained but at the rate he pumps these records out at I find myself far more curious about the creation process behind them.

Favorite Track: Disintegration Mirrors
Rating: 5/10