Monday, 6 June 2016

Eternal Lord "Blessed Be This Nightmare" (2008)

Well, its all over now. "Blessed Be This Nightmare" marks the groups first and final full length record, at the time I found it to be a stinker, a real disappointment. After revisiting their fantastic, stylish and unique debut EP "Eternal Lord" I set out to listen to their discography. Their two track "Split With Azriel" showed promising signs of a symphonic direction for the band before their 2007 "Demo" took a turn for the worst. There are no twists and turns at this point, the album takes off where the demo left, with the tracks that featured on the demo only sounding a hair better on the full length in terms of production. 

The record suffers the fate of the Deathcore cliches and fails to make itself more remarkable than the breakdowns every song seeks out. Chugging palm mutes and crashing china symbols pound away the same routine with various variations, mustering no more than the occasional palm muted discord to spice it up. Its far from terrible or offensive, something to bob along to and forget the next minute. Between it the band show signs of trying to expand there horizons but it all feels aimless and unfocused. Acoustic guitars crop up in "I Am The Deciver" and "Amity" with a vastly different vibe that are only to be dispelled by pummeling Deathcore brutality in the songs next phase. Some creative guitar work and riffs do momentarily pop up, "Set your Anchor" has some interesting melodic guitar leads but again just falls mercy to incessant Deathcore cliches.

If you not giving it your attention it may be half entertaining but ever grace it with thought and consider whats going on its little beyond hap hazard ideas lost in a generic brutality fest. Its ironic that its strength is in what holds it back, the Deathcore is well executed, just no longer to my taste. Any signs of breaking away from that are far from interesting. This record wasn't for me, Its not awful but I think I'm just tired of this sound which is now a decade old!

Rating: 3/10