Saturday, 3 December 2016

Nails "Unsilent Death" (2010)

Pushing the Grindcore sound to its groovy extremes, Nails are an American underground band from California who Ive been noticing over the years have built a bit of a cult reputation. Ive sighted them frequently mentioned as one of Metal's most extreme sounds. To my ears they have re-invented the wheel, taking the core Punk and Metal values of Grindcore and reinvigorating the attitude with a dense claustrophobic wall of sound production that will have you foaming at the mouth in the wake of its aesthetic intensity. Formed in 07, "Unsilent Death" is the bands debut "full length" clocking in at just under fourteen minutes across its ten songs.

And so the album opens like a flood of water bursting through the seems. Our ear drums are pelted with a ruthless pummeling blast beat, furious throaty screams of anger and strangulating guitars that smother and creep into every each of sound with their monstrously dense distortion tones. Its disorienting, fast and nauseous but as the smoke settles and one adjusts a quite simplistic set of grooving riffs emerge as the musical backbone. With hints of Thrash, Punk, Hardcore and Groove Metal the riffs alternate between different intensities and in their short life cycles they steer clear of wearing themselves out. It plays like one big song that's forever shifting gears as the burdening aesthetic intensifies all that's on display.

The records most interesting moment comes on the title track as screeching guitar feedback sounds intimidate over the top of a gorgeously low and textural bass guitar that groans in its over driven tone. It leads into an effective but primitive breakdown that has notable influences from the Deathcore scene and trends of the time. Beyond that its business as usual, with nothing out of the ordinary. Nails's strength is in the aesthetic which is certainly something to marvel, behind it a rather atypical set of riffs that don't defy expectation. They are like Napalm Death on crack, so much so hearing some of their records with this aesthetic would be an interesting treat. The bands overwhelming sound intensifies what might not be as impressive in a regular setting, either way its a fun listen to get you fired up for some carnage and hand banging which ends with a monstrous riff in the closing moments of "Depths".

Favorite Tracks: Unsilent Death, Depths
Rating: 6/10