Monday, 12 June 2017

Prophets Of Rage "The Party's Over" (2016)

Id been listening to this EP on repeat all last week! Two introductory, original tracks and three live covers warmed me up for their live show at Download Festival which mainly consisted of Rage Against The Machine covers. The Prophets are a super group consisting of three fourths of RATM, B-Real of Cypress Hill and Chuck D, DJ Lord of Public Enemy. An extremely exciting line up however the two original tracks here really feel like a change of voice on a very familiar sound. 

With Rage essentially on hold for seventeen years and a new record severely unlikely, the trio have moved forward taking their sound and style practically untouched to this project which is only distinguishable by the two new voices replacing Zach. Tom Morello's guitar style dominates the groove, unchanged, held on ice with that same blooming tone and bouncing rhythm. These songs could so easily slip into one of their 90s records. B-Real and Chuck D continue the leftist, revolutionary lyrical stance. Taking on social political issues with a keen tongue to point out corruption and hypocrisy in the system. The first self titled track is a statement of intent, coupled with introductory verses for the new front men.

The live songs beef up the playlist with signs of a good show but the two new songs alone are not terribly exciting, yet they are very enjoyable. A lack of evolution in the Rage sound takes any surprises away and most riffs and song structures are quickly predictable. With a full album on the horizon I hope the group spice things up fresh ideas because otherwise they are pedaling a nostalgic sound I've personally listened to exhaustion.

Rating: 4/10