Sunday, 9 July 2017

Ho99o9 "United States Of Horror" (2017)

The New Jersey duo Horror, stylized with three nines, blew me away with a wild performance at Download Festival last year. Their anarchistic fusion of Hardcore Punk and Hip Hop has a lot to offer, unfortunately their EP Dead Bodies In The Lake didn't quite live up to the hype bar one song. With their debut full length, things are different, the ideas are in sync are ready to bombard us with rebellion and chaos. Released a few months back, this one managed to sneak past me, in a moment of excitement I foolishly ordered an import copy from America, rather than checking Amazon... A silly mistake that cost me a pretty penny and had me waiting a few weeks more to listen. Given the bands underground vibe I figured it would be hard to get hold of but as everything is commodified these days its no surprise to hear they are signed to universal records with worldwide distribution.

The music is the message, and horror's message is a weapon, aimed at our societal norms and the values that need questioning. Kicking off with a child reading a corrupted pledge of allegiance, swearing loyalty to the nines, the duo fly head first into the critical mindset to set a spotlight on the perverse and corrupt. It rattles off at a sprint, flying through short burst of songs, swaying between its fast guitar thrashing metallic Punk and the dark, disturbed Hip Hop personas with an unusual ease. The styles are held together with a strong Industrial current of pounding mechanical drums and pumping, dense electronic synths that electrify the sound and give power to the wild energy the pairs dissatisfaction inspires.

Retaining a twisted atmosphere, the album drifts into its Hip Hop persona effortlessly, the tropes easily corrupted to fit the anarchistic mold, the fast shuffling Trap hi-hats and dirty sub baselines are menacing. "Hydrolics" takes up a fantastic opportunity to lace the track with a thick layer of sarcasm that serves their purpose well. Its a real collision course of sounds that the two use to forge a unique and distinct person that comes to fruition in the diversity through the track listening. Each time they lean into Industrial noise, Hardcore thrashings or devilish Hip Hop, it comes out the mixer with a distinctly different sound yet through all this diversity the album flows a charm.

I enjoy this record more so based on my mood and apatite, where sometimes it isn't as appealing or enjoyable. Objectively, I think all the positives here really add up to something special. As much as I like the idea of the chaos this duo brew, It isn't always my preferred taste. The way they have fused styles is inspired and unique and this debut full length comes together with a plethora of ideas and some solid direction. From here the coin could spin either way, I hope the continue to push and redefine themselves as the best could be yet to come.

Favorite Songs: Ware Is Hell, Face Tatt, Knuckle Up, United States Of Horror
Rating: 8/10