Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Ixion "Return" (2017)

The slow burly jaunt of burgeoning gloom that is Doom Metal is both a charm and curse, often undoing the grasp on my attention in its prolonging of halting moments. With a luscious chemistry of thick, cushioning distortion guitars and light airy synths, Ixion paint a vivid pallet of soft and serene climates insulated within the void of space they theme their music around. Hailing from Brittany France, this is the bands third full length, continuing on a trajectory to polish their already smooth, inviting tone which is comparatively a little stiff and low-fi on the past two compared to the gorgeous production encapsulated in these forty four minutes.

A range of elegant pianos and synthesized sounds compliment the slow, bleeding melodies the guitars as the drums steadily drone out in a lethargic stride. With a plummeting scope of pace there are brief musters of fire with relaxed blast beats but its mostly a temperate stroll, descending into frequent disperses of crawls that have the kicks and cymbals of the drummer sound like a stranger in the distance. Its the backbone of the music, with almost all melodies unfolding in tandem with the drums.

Its mood lingers on sorrow, teetering on the void yet never plunging in. Its an interesting tone for music that so easily lets its self slip away. With moments of uplift and emergence of gleaming melodies, Return rests in a precarious place trapped between the void of black and gaze of heavens light as beautiful, serene melodies hold back the frozen pace from freezing over. Its a marvelous record I have great appreciation for if not a little disappointed in how the pacing so often losses my attention, otherwise its an inspired execution of ideas.

Favorite Songs: Into Her Light, Contact, The Dive
Rating: 7/10

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