Saturday, 23 December 2017

Trivium "The Sin And The Sentence" (2017)

This is actually the first album I've listened to from the American band who are arguably one of modern Metal's most successful acts. I first heard them back when they broke through with their sophomore Ascendancy in 2005. In my naivety I cast them aside for reasons time has forgotten and there in the back of my mind they have been out of sight until a friend recently remarked on the quality of this record. What did I have to loose by checking it out? Nothing, but once again a reminder that closing out music is a fools game. I'm guessing it was probably the clean vocals that turned me off in my youth and so Ive missed out on the journey of a clearly brilliant band, once hailed "The next Metallica", something metal critics and fans alike seem to do so often.

The Sin And The Sentence is the bands eighth and a remarkably heavier record than I expected, the lightly rounded, crisp production lets pummeling pedals and blast beats erupt in moments of frenzy between measured and temperate arrangements of tone setting riffs that lead into satisfying guitar solos and grooves. From front to back Trivium deliver tantalizing guitar action that ranges from grizzly low end chugs to dazzling lead guitar melodies dancing above empowered baselines. Its all stitched together with a good ear for song structure, the songs never out stay there welcome and play through with a sense of anticipation of whats to come, often a climatic guitar solo.

Singer Heafy illuminates this record with a robust presence at the front of the music, dropping in fiery screams and shouts between his sturdy and mighty harmonious clean voice. His band mates chime in too, backing him up with energetic gang shouts and fleshing out the range. The choral variety is continually refreshing but the delivery compelling, stringing so many lyrics into memorable hooks that resonate of the instrumentals. Peaking and scaling with the music, following its climate the words leap to life, a pleasure to sing along with practically every song having its moment in the sun.

Its a potent record for a band deep into their career but no trajectory is linear, these are musicians, sometimes they evolve, and other times they burn out. Being unfamiliar with their catalog I can't make comparisons but I find myself a little taken back by the twelve songs of which you'll struggle to find a favorite. As the album draws on you might expect a dip but it never comes, track after track holds you in its grasp and when its over you'll happily spin it back to back. Excellent introduction to the band, I am now obliged to head back and see what Ive missed out on all these years!

Rating: 9/10