Monday, 1 January 2018

Danzig "III How The Gods Kill" (1992)

This third chapter in the series continues on with a very expectant tone, the same knuckle strapped rock and rattle of Heavy Metal tinged in the bluesy voice of Glenn Danzig strikes again. Deep into their stride the band offer up another ten songs that will make a meal of picking your favorites, the energy is ripe, the music inspired and the tone dripping in a moody evil ready to persuade. With an increasingly metallic leaning, the intensity broods and moves a touch more expansive, the opening "Godless" a bold example as its thrashy uptempo pace collapses into a crawling swell of prolonged power chords fading into a soft and eerie synth. It parallels Doom Metal but only for this one song.

Much of what Ive said about Danzig and Lucifuge could be said again here, the music however catches up with Glenn here, the powerful intensity of the guitar work keeps up with his monstrous personality as the enigmatic front man with his cursed performance which always carries a burdeon. "How The Gods Kill" keeps the power at bay, a soft acoustic guitar accompanies Glenn who shows the soft side of himself in a pleasant melodic calm that unsurprisingly erupts with squealing pinch harmonic riffs to ratify the unease that lingers throughout.

Each of the songs ideas are executed with a touch more cohesion than before and the whole album is enshrined by its shadowy mystique, the songs turning the screws tight on a darker shade of the Danzig sound. Its chilling, spooky and perhaps best personified on "Heart Of The Devil" where Glenn affirms is evil intention, boasting the influence of his corrupt powers in a roaring performance. Followed by "Sinstinas" the mood drifts ethereal as the group take a turn with light synths and soft reverberated chords that plays like a sleepy dream pop love ballad reminiscent of Julie Cruse, of course its like a mirror to the darkside.

The edging of ideas creeping into new territory that can be heard here fits easily into the chemistry but only in the fractions it does. Otherwise this third chapter makes its self mostly known for its more sinister leaning and harder hitting guitar licks. As on every record so far Glenn's performance and persona illuminates the record and his lyrics get stuck in your mind. Its their most powerful asset, here as sharp as ever I think its fair to say this is my favorite so far! Chapter four is next.

Favorite Tracks: How The Gods Kill, Dirt Black Summer
Rating: 8/10

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