Sunday, 11 October 2020

Backxwash "Deviancy" (2019)

Released prior to the stunning God Has Nothing To Do With This, I had to reel in expectations when confronted by this raw rap fest that doesn't harbor such a rich theme and fleshed out vision. Deviancy is more or less a collection of raps and beats. A straightforward twenty minute record that doesn't yield any sign of whats to come yet musters up its share of memorable hooks and lines within its tailored production.

Lyrically, the use of language feels far more direct and open. Her trans sexuality a topic casually brought forth in livened energetic raps without pause. After a string of mischievous tracks, referencing the devil and affirming as the "witch bitch", the trippy, backwards spun interlude Dying Seems Like Fun pivots the record to a heartwarming pitch, a soulful song led by its intimate piano chords and softly spoken vulnerable lyrics of insecurity in self image. Bowing out with timely anthemic vibes, this transition feels parallel to the structure of its successor which took a turn to the light at the end.

Each of these songs have an identity, some true character that gives it distinction. Across its eight tracks you'll probably find a few favorites. Devil In A Mosh Pot has the wording to birth an earworm and its syncopated guitar lick reinforces the melody deviously over its bustling bassline. Foundation chases dreamy club Trap vibes but the title track would be my championing song. Again these busying gritty baselines whirl away setting a tone of chilling doom as its hook radiates with falling sirens.

Its a killer track but almost amateur in execution like much of the record and I mean that in a charming way. These beats require some attention to appreciate, a lot of praise may be handed out for its theming and design yet they don't seem to leap out at me the listener. Maybe it needs a little more polish and oomph? One thing for sure is Backxwash is a talent and Her raps are fantastic on this keen little project. Given the leap forward to come, who knows how far she can go with this unique persona!

Rating: 6/10