Monday, 25 August 2014

Aeons Confer "The Soul Of The Universe" (2003)

This may just be one of the best records you've never heard in the world of symphonic black metal. Aeons Confer are a German band who's brief activity in the early 2000's yielded 2 EPs, this one being the first. Clocking in at just 17 minutes across 6 tracks this record delivers 3 blistering, thrashy and aggressive tracks that execute a sublime balance between the progressive metal elements and the symphony that moves from the background to the forefront effortlessly. Along side these are 3 symphonic interludes that really thicken listening experience and enrich the astral theme this band deliver.

This EP is a tight execution of some very well written songs that have stuck with me as a favorite for over 10 years. When i discovered this record Aeons Confer were a localized band with a website i some how managed to stumble across. Since then they have been a lost gem, unable to obtain there second EP release in late 03 they have been a band i often check back in with and search the web in hop of finding there second release.

It seems very fitting that on this day that i write my thoughts on a record, that has given me 10 years of listening pleasure, that a search reveals they have got it back together and released a new album and the Mirror Heart EP on bandcamp. I am very much looking forward to hearing them both :-)

Favorite Songs: All
Rating: 8/10