Thursday, 21 August 2014

A.C. "Prophecy For Profit" (2011)

I was standing outside a venue with friends, waiting for Public Enemy when A.C. approached me and my friends asking if we wanted to buy his CD. I was pretty reluctant after having brought some awful records from MCs at gigs before, but he was persistent and sold us a CD for next to nothing. The next day i remembered about this, put the CD on and was genuinely blown away. 

The UK hip hop scene has a vastly different sound and approach to the states where hip hop originated, and its a sound i have never strongly gravitated to. With this record A.C. has taken the raw style of a British MCing and found a balance with Dead Man Walkings sample heavy 90s-esque beats. The result is genuinely impressive, a unique British hip hop sound not far from the golden era.

Between the sound there is plenty of substance, DMW delivers plenty of memorable beats to accompany A.C.s social-political commentary and memorable lines. This record is fantastic but as a whole there are a few week tracks, but the good ones shine like stars. Id also recommend checking out the video to "Sometimes I Wonder" its filmed on his camera phone, kind of impressive in its practicality.

Favorite Songs: Real Grafters, Sometimes I Wonder, Allow That, Music Ain't The Revolution
Rating 7/10

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