Saturday, 16 August 2014

Yagya "Sleepygirl" (2014)

Yagya is a producer from Iceland whos approach and execution of ambient electronic music is unlike anything else on offer out there. His style is as distinct as it is lush and dreamy, you could describe this as "ambient techno" with some influences of dub and ethereal sounds, but in between these familiarities is where something unique emerges.

Sleepygirl is exactly what i wanted from a Yagya record after being slightly disappointed with 2012's "The Inescapable Decay Of My Heart" which has actually grown on me a fair bit overtime. 12 tracks of sleepy, dreamy soundscapes guided by steady paced bass drums kicks that fuse with some minimalist leads that resist evolution and keep you locked in the space between the sounds. The inclusion of some vocals in places are well received as they fit into the ambiance much better than Yagya's previous effort. There are no negatives for me here other than a lack of a standout "moment" or favorite track, but then thats really not what this record is about.

A final note, i especially like the album cover on this record. To look at art is to be held in its moment, never moving or progressing and i feel that is a quality of Yagya's music that is reflected by this cover, which keeps me intrigued as to the meaning of the two triangle sections of cloud.

Favorite Song: None
Rating: 6/10