Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gustav Holst "The Planets" (1916)

One of my favorite all time compositions. This is a masterpiece you may not have heard of, but would certainly know a fair few songs from as they are commonplace in many big movies. Often in cinema classical music is the guiding drive for emotional and climactic scenes which many viewers seem to under appreciate. If you like classical or not, we could probably all agree in this day and age its not popular... The point i am trying to make is that its unappreciated by an audience who may not realize how often they hear it (movies & television). I don't think there is a more approachable and likeable piece than "The Planets" if you are ever curious in listening to classical.

So onto the music itself, the concept of this music is no secret, as the title would tell you, here we find 7 compositions deeply inspired by mysteries of the planets beyond our own. What i love most is that the themes don't focus on mystery and wonder, but dive into themes of exploration, conquest, honor and pride. When i listen to Holst's sounds i feel like he has been to each of the planets, and through the music is able to tell us about each of them. I can close my eyes and see the planets up close and personal. Truly a work of art.

Fun fact: Pluto was discovered in 1930 but Holst had no intention of composing a new piece for it.

Favorite Tracks: Mars, Jupiter, Neptune
Rating: 9/10