Friday, 21 November 2014

Carcass "Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel" (2014)

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Carcass are a pioneering Extreme Metal group who's roots were originally in Grindcore before defining their trademark sound with 93's "Heartwork", an album thats originality and production has had a lasting influence on Metal music and could be considered a very important album and the beginning of Melodic Death Metal, a genre, that as the name suggests, brings tune and melody to the forefront of a brutal and dark aesthetic. Disbanding in 95 the group have reformed in recent years and taken their time to write a spiritual successor to Heartwork, "Surgical Steel", released in 2013. This EP contains 5 tracks from the same recording session that didn't make the final cut.

Despite being left overs from the album, this short listen retains the energy and level of quality Surgical Steel delivered. Any of these songs would sound great on the album, however none of them are stand out tracks with anything notably attention grabbing. These are typical Carcass songs, tightly performed Death Metal with melodic leads, tight grooves and a consistent creativity from the rhythm guitar, decorating these tracks with a diversity that keeps them fresh and appealing. These tracks did feel somewhat "lighter" with a focus on the rockable grooves and vocal hooks over any "all or nothing" heavy moments.

After a few listens I am left with a slight emptiness towards this record, these are fantastic songs that really deserve to be part of a full length and the nature of a short listen leaves me yearning for more. Great songs but the format falls a little short for a band like Carcass. On a final note, Heartwork is a special album, one that we will discuss soon.

Favorite Track: Livestock Marketplace
Rating: 5/10