Sunday, 23 November 2014

Steak Number Eight "All Is Chaos" (2011)

Post Rock/Metal outfit Steak Number Eight are a four piece band from Belgium who released their debut EP in 2008 when the band members age was at an average of 16. Three years later these youngsters released their debut full length "All Is Chaos" in 2011 which I was recently turned onto by a friend. I enjoyed this record with no knowledge of their age, which shows it doesn't really matter when it comes to music.

Steak Number Eight have a big, epic, sludging sound. The group stroll their way through many varying degrees of heavy, melodic and grooving riffs that draw influences from Post-Rock and other styles of Metal that give each track its own flavor. These lengthy songs drone and brood rather than progress as moods and atmospheres intensify into bombastic moments littered with catchy riffs and absorbing climaxes. The album opens with "Dickhead", a catchy bouncy track that doesn't quite set the tone for what follows. Offensive lyrics and upfront riffing, the song climaxes with some almost Deftones-esque screams and guitar grooves that starts this one of with a head banger that the rest of the album doesn't quite follow suit with, offering much more moody atmospheres in the following tracks.

The album sounds decent, nothing spectacular but the guitar tones are the highlight, the production captures the best of the melodic guitars often soaked in blissful reverb. The distorted rhythm guitars texture and tone is sublime, capturing the right balance of distortion and fuzz, giving the guitar room to move in and out of the spotlight when providing the momentums grooves or backing for melodic leads. The drumming and bass is a little underwhelming, I don't recall any moments where the bass came to the forefront or the drum patterns were doing much more than guiding and accommodating the guitar department. Decent album with some great riffs but lacked icing on the cake.

Favorite Tracks: Dickhead, Stargazing
Rating: 5/10