Monday, 5 January 2015

G. Love & Special Sauce "Yeah, It's That Easy" (1997)

Every now and then I have the displeasure of writing about a record I didn't enjoy, although to be fair this an medicore listen, just one that didn't do much for me beyond some mild entertainment, and thats my loss. G. Love & Special Sauce is an Alternative Blues Rock group from America who are fronted by the charismatic G. Love who servers as the vocal narrator for some fun, uplifting funky Blues Rock. On paper, and on other tracks I've heard from different records, the group have the formula for funk and blues that gives them a little flair, which in this record I couldn't find.

G. Love's folky narration and jives about American culture were not my cup of tea. I found the light hearted whimsical stories and musing in these songs to be just a step beyond what engages me, and this made it hard to get into a record thats focal point is his laid back charismatic style. Accompanying him are some chilled out grooves that bring together Funk and Blues with a touch of Hip Hop in the rhythm department. These grooves rock and swoon through the tracks, utilizing an array of instruments including the harmonica and some light organs too. Behind G. Love are some great backing vocals which on a track like "You Shall See" that elevate the song, they pop up here and there, adding a lot to the songs, but is not enough to save the record.

The strongest element of this record is the instrumentals which are far from spectacular, despite being on the right track, there is a distinct lack of stand out moments or anything where the music grabs you. They muddle through mediocrity and the bass and kit grooves are often spoiled by a loose snare clanging over the bass's warm and moving texture, its disappointing as it feels like their is great potential here, but too many misfires. A nice listen but a lack of substance for repeated listens.

Favorite Tracks: Slipped Away, You Shall See
Rating: 3/10