Tuesday, 13 January 2015

KMFDM "Our Time Will Come" (2014)

German Industrial Rockers KMFDM have been going strong for over three decades. This, their 19th album, is another in a steady stream of records the band have been producing since 1984. In the 80s the group were producing Industrial music with tinges of Rock and Dance, but it was in the early 90s that they found their mainstream success through an evolution in their sound that would steer them in the Industrial Metal direction. Over the last 10 years KMFDM have matured and fine tuned their sound to a science. The group are immediately identifiable with their own breed of Industrial Metal that incorporates intrepid electronic elements reminiscent of EBM, Aggrotech and Dark Electro. Its a pulsating, energized sound. The icing on the cake is the eccentric militant feel brought across through pounding rhythms and rough German accents. Its a sound I enjoy, and I got a good dose of this record which to no surprise didn't stray far from the sound thats been strongly established in their recent history.

"Our Time Will Come" outlines a theme across these 10 songs that is clearly represented on the cover art, which follows the usual format for this band. Songs of taking power, revolution, workers unity and seeing past propaganda are expressed here in a variety of militant ways, even with some quirkier lines, "I will punch you in your head, until you say I respect you". A lot of the points raised are not news to me, but are expressed in a direct and forceful manor thats positive and inspiring. The theme works great alongside their pounding Industrial Metal sound, a good match.

From a technical perspective the production is quite masterful. An audible execution of bold, strong instruments and sounds working side by side effortlessly. Theres plenty of room for all sorts of quirky electronic sounds alongside aggressive leads, pounding industrial drums and jolty distorted guitars. The album as a whole has a fantastic balance between the electronic and metal elements that give each of the songs a flexibility to execute different ideas within their sound, without detracting from the continuity of the record. These tracks are well written, and decorated with electronic sounds that become momentary leads in the moments the guitars drop out. It worked well as a whole and was another welcome dose of the KMFDM sound.

Favorite Tracks: Salvation, Blood VS Money, Get The Tongue Wet
Rating: 5/10