Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Cure "Boys Don't Cry" (1980)

I've been aware of English Goth Rock group "The Cure" and their influential status for a long long time, but Id never given them a listen until recently. I can't count just how many times I've listened to this record, but essentially I have held of from talking about it in search of a deeper understanding of this record and it's importance. Nothing profound has really come to mind, I just found this record to be a simple pleasure, a light and relaxed listen that had a fluency and ease about it that made each song as enjoyable as the last. Maybe thats the beauty of it? In the age of cerebral, introverted extreme music we can loose touch with the pleasures of melodics and simplicity.

Boys Don't Cry is a warm, spacious Post-Punk record that has a tinge of moodiness to it that would later blossom into a Goth Rock aspect of their sound. On this one, the trio stroll through 12 short numbers that create an uplifting and mindful feeling through a minimalist and toned down sound that greatly appreciates the space between the instruments. The kit is soft, the bass kick is padded, the snare devoid of any snap or punch, and the symbols are quiet and low in the mix. The bass lines rock a steady groove, providing a backbone for these songs which Smith's guitars compliment at their own pace, the trio don't overpower there own ideas by trying to give all the instruments something to do at the same time, on certain tracks and moments the bass and drums rock together quietly with Smith's musings, and the absence of guitars works in their favor.

The guitars bring in the most colorful aspect of sound, cleanly strum chords are tinged with flange for a tone that has an exotic touch. Its a splash of color into an otherwise tamed sound. Smith's vocals are enjoyable, I like his strong accent and afflictions, they are the final component of what gives this record a pleasant and warm approachable sound. As I said earlier, I didn't find anything profound about this critically acclaimed record, but its a simple pleasure I can listen to over and over.

Favorite Tracks: Boys Don't Cry, Accuracy, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Killing An Arab, Three Imaginary Boys
Rating: 7/10