Thursday, 1 January 2015

PRhyme "PRhyme" (2014)

PRhyme is a collaboration project between legendary producer DJ Premier & Rapper Royce Da 5"9 who is known for his early association with Eminem. This mini album consists of 9 tracks and the opening track "PRhyme" focuses on the idea that the pair are in their creative primes, It sets the tone for an album of solid raps and beats that would certainly indicate both are in a creative warm spot. The two have a decent chemistry that gives the project liquid cohesion and defined character.

Premier's production is as finely tuned and crafted as you'd expect from such a veteran, bringing forth that 90s feel through approach as these tracks are littered with scratches and vocal samples from fellow 90s stars like Nas, Method Man, KRS-One & Gang Starr. The beats themselves are generally urban and darker in mood, taking a subtle roll providing backing for Royce to shine. These beats, although solid, sit in a comfort zone that sees little experimentation, taking on only a few modern aesthetics and ideas. Its not a negative point, but if your looking for something new and progressive this isn't that.

Royce is consistent and vibrant on this record, bringing an enthusiastic and motivated flow to each song as he narrates some stories but mainly delivers a boasting array of raps with a musing touch. Consistency would be a key point for me, there was no point where Royce failed to hit the mark, yet none where he really goes beyond, his best lines where from referencing Notorious BIG, "Kick in the door, wavin the four four".

The record as a whole is short and enjoyable, solid and flavorful, but perhaps lacking a depth to keep me coming back. After a few listens I feel like I got all the record had to offer and there were only two tracks I wanted to come back for. The 90s vibe was welcome but didn't really add to the body work thats already out there, one of the better beats was "Microphone Preem", utilizing a loud harsh snare and giving it something a little more unusual which could of made this project a little more. Overall a great listen to digest, but a lack of anything special.

Favorite Songs: You Should Know, Microhpone Preem
Rating: 5/10