Saturday, 2 July 2016

Sithu Aye "Senpai" (2015)

Sithu Aye's latest release "Set Course For Andromeda" is an impressive one, a record of two halves, a set of remarkable collaborations and a singular song split into six parts. Left yearning for more I spotted this previously overlooked record on bandcamp. For a three track EP it really packs a punch and brings out the better qualities of Sithu's sensibilities for lead and melody, undoubtedly because of its anime inspiration. On one listen alone you can hear the influence, if you've ever watched Japanese animation the style of music that accommodates can be cliche, which had me wondering if these were covers but a little reading uncovered these songs were created with specific common theme in mind for each track.

These songs are radiant, uplifting and cheerful in a carefree way and the first song reflects this strongly with the inclusion of poppy electronic chords bustling away like a dance song. There's a strong emphasis on the lead melody which can scale fast soaring solos and playful quirky melodies. The second track "Senpai" is the records strongest and could easily be the opening theme for a show, you can almost envision the cartoons behind the music as it swings between its energetic guitar solos and main hook. Despite the now obvious Anime inspiration for this record, I just took the music for what it was and loved how bold and charismatic the themes in place were. Its only now that Ive put one and two together that I can see how well the two gel. Sithu comments that the record is cheesy but I have to disagree, I think its a brilliantly warm and fun record full of lasting substance!

Favorite Track: Senpai Please Notice Me!
Rating: 5/10

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