Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Prodigy "The Night Is My Friend" (2015)

Last year British legends of Essex "The Prodigy" returned from the darkness for another record, something they do every six years or so since their most successful "Land Of The Fat" back in the 90s where they were much more active. I caught the promoting tour which was one heck of an atmosphere to take in, one big party with a crazy light show and Maxim Reality exploring the venue, singing while walking through the crowd. Hungry for a little more I picked up the counterpart EP that finishes the other half of the lyric from title track "The Day Is My Enemy".

It should be known EPs and singles can often be tidbit extras, scraps and left overs brought together to fit the norm. Unfortunately "The Night Is My Friend" falls right into that territory. The opening "Get Your Fight On" is a re-equalized track that wouldn't even get audiophiles excited. A shortened three minute edit of "Rhythm Bomb" is thrown in possibly for radio play. There is only one new song "AWOL" which is pretty banging, another big break-beat with a lot of texture, distortions and typical Prodigy noises. Its plays itself down and builds up that typical dance suspense with an increasing snare leading in the drop which is the hook heard at the opening. Its a short but sweet song.

Lastly there are two remixes, "Rebel Radio" gets chopped up, re arranged with a clanging, loud snare harping on through the track reminiscent of "St. Anger". Not appealing and Caspa's remix of "The Day Is My Enemy" isn't as bad but his shuffling Trap hi-hats and Dubstep wobbles don't really fit the sample material, Its mediocre at its best. With just one new song its quite the disappointment, not a release worthy of attachment to the main album in my opinion.

Favorite Track: AWOL (Strike One)
Rating: 2/10