Saturday, 25 March 2017

Deathspell Omega "Paracletus" (2010)

French Black Metal outfit Deathspell Omega had not grasped my attention in the past but based on a personal recommendation I decided to give, what has been acclaimed as their best record, "Paracletus" a try. Of the many moons that have passed I have not found myself growing any fonder of the experience these forty two minutes hold but have certainly come to appreciate and understand its apparent brilliance. Its the fifth full length from the deeply satanic and anonymously mysterious band. They made a shift from primitive and raw Black Metal with their third and embarked on an experimental journey which has led them to this abomination of evil, the final installment of a malignant trilogy.

This record assaults us with an ensemble of dissonance, discords and rebellious anti-music as melodies and riffs are deformed to a repulsive form. Ive often heard discords and broken melodies in effect with grooves and rhythms, a careful counterbalance that props up the dissonance on other enjoyable musical values, however for a large portion of this record the musicians look to flail and torment us with desynchronized drum patterns, ugly, churning guitar chords, masticated, mangled guitar leads all whirling through a discernible frenzy of notes that inspire an unforgiving, unsettling darkness, hellbent on intensity over captivation.

In the moments it musically tones the onslaught down, passageways of atmosphere and scale come to fruition. Where its less chaotic and menacing it finds a middle ground where one can take in the disenchanting melodies and have pause for the imagination to muster. Otherwise its a truly menacing experience when the blast beats bear down with intentional disorganization, not giving one much room to process. It plays out like a constant unraveling beast, no formulaic song structures and some numbers simply bleed into the next.

It is only ever with focus and intent that I can really experience much from this record, as something for the background is fails to captivate me. With my attention it has sparks and moments but my taste is a little too conventional for whats at work here however I have a great appreciation of its artistic intention and execution, If anything Id wish to like it more but the chemistry isn't quite right. Very interesting listening experience.

Favorite Song: Phosphene
Rating: 5/10