Saturday, 18 March 2017

C418 "Dief" (2017)

German electronic producer Daniel Rosenfield, AKA C418, composer of the Minecraft "Alpha" & "Beta" soundtracks, brings us a comparatively short thirty two minute EP under the name of "Dief". Unsurprisingly its a far more coherent listen in comparison to last years "2 Years Of Failure". Mustering his inspiration a collection of calm, soothing and spacious songs emerge with a deeper layer of ambience than expected, based on his distinct identifiable style of modern electronic fused with lush pianos and strings.

"Work Life Imbalance" might be the records most lively track, feeling as if it could fit into many of his previous works with typically sweet and luscious pianos chiming over the driving, shuffling percussive track. From this point, every other track can be seen heard in a Downtempo setting. Gentle yet strident drums keep otherwise lucid melodic notations in motion as lead instruments drift into the layers of ambient synths with a typical dose of lush reverb.

"Blank Cubicle" steers from the path with more prominent, textural saw synths chirping melodies as Daniel brings his voice into the backdrop in an opaque manor as he straddles the line of attention, sinking behind other instruments with quietness. The opening track is my favorite, classic string sections build up a cinematic atmosphere the blossoms into a rich, dense experience as deep, underwater synths slowly engulf the opening strings. The final track revisits a moment of this wonder to tie the seven tracks together, but between them nothing too remarkable occurs beyond establishing a placid and calming tone to indulge with.

Favorite Track: Texture Prayers
Rating: 5/10


  1. Absolutely spot on album review on your music blog, X. This is definitely one of my favourite albums out my bunch, but not the best. Couldn't agree with the rating more.

  2. I think 5/10 is a bit hard, isn't it?

    1. Not at all, i think its a reasonable rating :-)

    2. Love your blog BTW, discovered so much good music through it! Since you just did Daft Punk you might wanna check out he band Justice