Friday, 17 March 2017

Tim Shiel "Induction" (2017)

Back with another set of soothing, calm electronic ambience songs, Australian producer Tim Shiel brings us a short, simplistic and gentle journey through eight tracks that clock in at just under thirty minutes. Opening with the records theme we encounter one of two moments where shuffling, indifferent percussion shakes itself along a path with a glitched out persona, very much like his previous works "Duet". Sound design oddities and ambiguous noises intersect the slow and steady lead melodies to give off a strangely comforting dystopian vibe. In "Undone 2" the beat comes back with a stronger presence, a steady kick clap arrangement creates a more straight forward song with a rich and deep ambience almost ready to engulf the beat.

Aside this duo, six tracks of gleaming cloud like ambience radiate with organic contractions of dense synths that slowly coming in and out of focus as they surround each other in a state of serene tranquil. These seemingly minimal and short compositions provide depth with tiny micro details buried under the wall of soothing sound, lone notes and abstract voice can be heard with great attention. On "Gernika" these ambiguous noises rise to the surface for an indulging cross roads between the style displayed on the percussive tracks and the deep resonating ambience.

On some songs Tim steers these the compositions towards greatness, the mood shifts and something emerges from one setting that can transform the music. Due to the short nature of these songs that level of progression never amounts to a second phase. With exception the essentially two part nature of "Undone 1" and "Undone 2" makes a rewarding experience of this transformation as the song climaxes in its journey through a darkening mood. With no short comings or failings "Induction" feels like an inspired, thought out project that meets its intention. I could of only asked for more, twenty eight minutes leaves me wishing it had gone further!

Favorite Tracks: Undone 1, Undone 2, Third
Rating 7/10

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