Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Birocratic "Beets 4" (2017)

Hes back! Our New York based Jazz Hop producer is back with a tailored set of beats, hence the beets. Its the first release from Biro this year and the fourth installment of the Beets series and the longest of any release yet. At forty four minutes it feels like a full length record, something Ive been hoping on for a while and we certainly get those vibrations as we indulge into a smooth, chilled out selection of cuts with no surprises. "Beets 4" makes no strides into new territory but selects the best styles, techniques and tropes in whats been done so far, executing them with inspiration for a solid listen.

This will probably be short and sweet, Ive said much of whats to be said before about Biro's production techniques and moods reached with his breed of elegant, jazzy Hip Hop instrumentals. This fourth installment tones down the organic, sleek and charming chemistry of "Replaced" for more traditional cuts with obviously spliced samples and sturdy, rocking drum loops that form a classic stitched together vibe. Occasionally on songs like "Matlack" does Biro bring in the gorgeous, funky grooving synths that illuminate over the top of rigid sampling. Equally in other moments he reverts to the classic vocal splicing, using who I believe is the same singer, her effeminate voice is given time for us to decipher a few words on one song.

Consistently decent is how id summarize this release. No tracks I can think of stand out and in the same measure there are no weak spots. A few spices of culture cropped up here and there, some oriental sounds, others Latino. Simply some nuances that could of been more prominent. Its a simple record to enjoy, well crafted beats that one can chill out to, easy going and great for its entire run time.

Favorite Track: Tony's Beleated breakfast
Rating: 6/10

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