Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Dance With The Dead "Into The Abyss" (2014)

Californian duo Dance With The Dead are another popular group within the Retro Wave niche that I had encountered a couple years back. I was introduced to the music via the PC game NeuroVoider and its soundtrack composed by Dan Terminus. One of the first observations you may make about their sound is how similar to the Terminus style it is, as if its been cast from the same mold. I'm not trying to make point, I do not know enough about the micro genre to know who the key players and influences are, if nostalgia itself hasn't played a large roll in that. To be fair most of what Ive heard from Retro Wave sticks very firmly to the vibes, aesthetics and theme heard on Into The Abyss, the bands second album which clocks in at twenty four minutes.

With tight pumping EDM kicks, snappy snares making up grooving, thumping dance beats, a warm array of vibrant synthesizers accompanies as the duo repackage eighties Synthpop into a dark and lean nostalgia ride of horror culture and VGM influences that creates this stunning atmosphere fit for neon lit cities in the dark of night. Its ripe with melody and color, the constant roll of thudding dance drums and dexterous melodies chiming over thick unrolling baselines and layered chiming of sharp synths creates a thick, absorbing atmosphere that's hard to resist!

Within the mix are very finely tuned distortion guitars, set to meld into the scenery like another electronic instrument yet having a powerful influence. They help flesh out the monotony of the pitch perfect electronic music and add what feels like the "voice" of this otherwise instrumental affair. With them comes a throw back to eighties Metal vibes, songs like Odyssey and Battle livening up the music with slick guitar leads that sound like they may of been plucked from an Ozzy Osbourne record. They are sleek and tonal licks that guide the music on its path and occasionally swap up the roll with slick keyboard solos. The more rigid notes and pitch modulation gives it away but on the surface they sound almost the same.

Its a short and sweet record, a great introduction to a duo who seem to execute this style in just the right chemistry for my taste! With another four records and b-sides compilation in their back catalog it seems I have no excuse not to work my way through them! I Really enjoyed this one, fast to get to grips with and has a very nice atmosphere fit for particular moods.

Favorite Track: Suede
Rating: 6/10