Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Equilibrium "Farenheit 813" (1998)

How did I find this obscure 7" vinyl release? I can barely remember, it was over a decade ago I first heard the Florida trio Equilibrium and found a download on some random, probably now defunct website but the reason I'm writing today is because another record I'm currently enjoying has a voice vaguely reminiscent if not matured and grown up. Then in the middle of a verse reciting his history over the years, rapper Celph Titled drops the name Equilibrium and it all clicks into place!

This four track release comprising of three unique songs and a remix is no gem but it is a fun release with a distinct 90s character that a pair of youthful rappers put there mark on. With young voices and enthusiastic attitudes they bring a plethora of smart, clever rhymes that may not rise to the top but you can certainly commend them and get behind their passion on the mic. The track Windows 98 embodies the charm of their inexperience as they string together all sorts of computer hardware and operating system references into a nonsensical narrative based around the latest OS of the time. The beat made from system sounds is a fantastic touch too.

The other two songs pair bombastic beats with lively samples as the duo rap impressive strings of rhymes with a snappy pace, clever rhyme schemes and intelligent word play. Critical Conditions dives deep into paranoia and government conspiracy theories that makes for an entertaining theme. The remix of that track uses the opening sample of Nancy Wilson's famous Ain't No Sunshine, a classic sample Ive heard used by Method Man & Redman, M.O.P & Lords Of The Underground to name a few. Farenheit 813 is a short but sweet record Ive enjoyed many, many times over the years, a fun listen for a Hip Hop fan.

Rating: 7/10