Saturday, 26 May 2018

Logic "Bobby Tarantino" (2016)

Maybe I'm suffering from a case of over saturation on my Logic binge but to my ears this record, or "mix tape", just doesn't come close to the standards Ive heard on Everybody & Bobby Tarantino II. Its a shorter release at thirty three minutes that has very little substance or subject matter that's interesting. Bobby Tarantino is a seriously self indulged festival of braggadocio where Logic pumps up and beats his chest, singing his own praises loud and proud, track after track without any other topics other than self assertion and affirmation citing stats and wealth.

The interlude track A Word From Our Sponsor suggests that perhaps much of this flexing is in a comedic vein as he talks about himself through the lens of a frustrated fan in a goofy phone call waiting line skit. When paired with the rapper reminding us of all his good deeds, how hes connected with his fan base and what a nice guy he is, it paints an unfavorable picture of his ego manifesting into a warped self perspective. Its only the only instance where you can relate it to comedy and doesn't appear to be archetypal of the records overall structure.

Behind his rhymes lies a set of reasonable, passable beats that could easily be elevated by some engaging lyricism as they do little to upset, simply providing tight snappy grooves with colorful instrumentation to craft a mood. The problem? there is so little to enjoy on the surface other than the technicality of Logics ability and him occasionally dropping a keen, sharp and witty rhymes. 44 Bars may have a narrative, food for thought but its one in a slew of unfiltered bragging. Disappointing record but I will continue on this logical journey!

Rating: 4/10