Friday, 11 May 2018

PRhyme "PRhyme 2" (2018)

I always suspected there would be a sequel to PRhyme, a collaborative effort between DJ Premier and Royce Da 5"9. Casting my mind back, it was only a few months into this blog that I covered there first album together over four years ago! Time flies and the absence has yielded a follow up record twice the length yet lacking much to talk about. The original never made a big impact but showed promise however four years later I can barely remember a hook, beat or rhyme from it.

The same will be true of this record too, its unfortunately a tiresome record that starts of with a bang. Black History has a quirky instrumental, a cut without a kick or snare! Its like a clock ticking down with a string section dancing around it and then the song erupts into a bright uplifting gleam as the drums drop in. With that and the intro song the duo set a stage, stating their return and then Royce painting a picture of his birth and leading on to brief us on some Hip Hop history, giving shouts out to Guru of Gang Starr and some others too.

Following it up with a self affirming braggadocio track the album swiftly falls into a routine of reasonable beats and reasonable rhymes thats all so reasonable it forgets to be inspired or challenging. A string of obvious and atypical rhymes boasting status and lifestyle drown out spurts of impressive rhyming and topical substance. Its in there somewhere but on a lengthy album clocking in at over an hour the record tends to drone on. Hearing old rappers moan about modern trends and how it used to be done becomes tiring even if your a fan of that era. Its an all to common trend from the old heads it seems. Not a bad record, just something I couldn't really get into.

Favorite Track: Black History
Rating: 3/10