Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Depressive Silence "Depressive Silence" (1996)

My recent return to Dungeon Synth music via Örnatorpet had me on a curiosity binge, another plunge into the depths of Internet search results, aiming to learn more about the genre. I stumbled upon a treasure trove, a list of over three hundred records leading me to discover this classic cassette released by a German duo in the genres infancy. With retroactive ears the influence is obvious and astonishing, however my enjoyment of such a gem may have been tarnished by hearing the trail of successors to this sound beforehand.

Despite the name, Depressive Silence is a rather mellow and peaceful music project that has a distant haunting of darkness beyond the realm of its ethereal, fantasy driven atmospheres. They may have first steered the genre into more adventurous territory than its gloomy, dark, dungeon alike origins. With big and vivid synths and organs the music brings on a hypnotic persuasion as its think back bone of ethereal fog is graced by luscious, serine melodies that echo Medieval ideals similar to Fief.

 The music transpires in a meditative state, undoubtedly helped along by its low fidelity recording that muddies and muffles the clarity of instruments, allowing the reverb and textures to inspire an allusiveness that feels grandiose, heavenly and deeply mysterious. I find myself often envisioning clouds and pearl white sky cities peaking out between the layers of cloud. Its minimal, and powerful, this low-fi approach lets simple compositions of two to four layers come to life in the ambiguity of their chemistry.

This self titled record is a wonderful, calming and hypnotic listening experience, soothing, mystic with a natural vibe. For its time, a very much unique, visionary take on the scarce Dungeon Synth sound. Its first two songs are utterly fantastic however the following tracks tend to blaze the same trail with a little less magic. They may pale in comparison but it is still magic none the less. Really impressive record, no doubt it would of had a bigger impact on me if I didn't know this sound so well already.

Favorite Tracks: Forests Of Eternity, Depths Of The Oceans, Dreams
Rating: 7/10