Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Rich The Kid "The World Is Yours" (2018)

I can't remember what convinced me to pick this record up but now I have a familiar feeling of disappointment that seems to be recurring with modern Hip Hop artists that fall into the Trap and Mumble Rap categories. Much like Invasion Of Privacy, the record loads its best material into the first few songs before it descends into a slog of mediocrity that feels like an endurance test. Its Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid's debut album, loaded with some big name features, including Kendrick Lamar. After a long string of mixtapes over the years its earned him a reputation that's led to this.

I can't help but think of Rich as the forth Migo, his style, flow and persona seems fondly akin to the Migos sound with a lack of the signature triplet flow. This could however be testament to the over saturation of this era's sound, the instrumentals are interchangeable and the slurred word mumble flows are loaded with the incessant use of reverberated cries of "skrt skrt", "flex" and other vocalizations between staggered lines of tame, self indulgent lyrics. At some points the "brbrb" shouts get so exaggerated they literally sound like birds chirping. Its goofy to say the least.

There are times where his presence calms down and the beat carries the song but mostly its chop and change as a sequence of rhymes can barely make it uninterrupted. Much of the lyrical content is flash and simplistic with hardly anything of meaning to be extracted from the constant spew of braggadocio that's trying to out do all bragging rappers. The slurring of words and indulgence in rebelling against pronunciation becomes a bore as the album strolls on with a lack of substance to take from a set of beats that could of done with better. I get that its about mood, vibes, lifestyle and swagger but I just can't get onboard this time.

Rating: 3/10