Thursday, 5 July 2018

Pusha T "Daytona" (2018)

Daytona is the first to be released from the so called "Wyoming sessions", another Kanye produced record with seven songs clocking in at twenty one minutes, adding up to "all killer no filler". This is Virginia Beach rapper Pusha T's third record, who interestingly didn't get into the rap game to his mid thirties. Its the first time Ive checked his work out, not a bad place to start! Daytona will be in contention for the best of the five Wyoming records, Its on par with Ye, miles better than the disappointing Nasir but Kids See Ghosts has to be my favorite so far, that record keeps growing on me with continual listens.

Daytona is a project all about the rapper's presence on the mic. Pusha T has a healthy toned and youthful voice that's well spoken, crisp, delivered on a steady, sturdy flow. There is a distinct lack of loud, obvious wordplay or an attempt to be overtly fancy with the rhymes or flashy. Its all focused on getting the fundamentals down and delivering the narrative which he does with precision. Initially I found his vocal clarity and plain flow to be dull but with repetition the power of his verses shines through with well articulated narratives and thoughts that creep up on you as familiarity sets in. His underplayed presence hides smart analogies, comparisons and clever cultural references that emerge with each listen as the words become better known. One of the more obvious accents to this record are the call outs to Hip Hops history. Pusha T interpolating classic flows and rhymes from the likes of Jay-Z and Tupac into his songs with tasteful timing.

Behind him Kanye throws together a collection of sturdy instrumentals that don't do a lot to dazzle the listener but they do hold down a firm tone and musicality for Pusha to make his presence known. The features help add some flavor and spice up the flow with addition voices and some well timed cultural singing from Mike Dean. My favorite moment on the record is when the two team up on "What Would Meek Do?" for a grittier, dark song where Pusha asks Kanye how he would respond to the hate and Ye drops in with a carefree "whoop... scoop... whoop... whoop-di-whoop". Its so odd but the timing is just right and it lets him roll into his response with a fresh, powerful energy. This record is fantastic, sturdy, bullet proof rapping that leaves you wanting more!
Rating: 7/10