Sunday, 12 August 2018

Logic "The Incredible True Story" (2015)

To put it simply, this record is wonderful. Undoubtedly the best of Logic Ive heard as we travel backwards in time, going through his yearly releases one by one. Its his second full length, a sigh of relief after the disappointing, braggadocio riddled Bobby Tarantino. Held together with a meaty size of skits and sketches in the opening phase, this far from perfect project reeks of fun, inspiration and an artist living in the moment. The uplifting, jazzy, summery beats will elevate your mood between the amusing audio scenes depicting the journey of a spaceship crew in a dystopian future making their way to a questionable place know as "paradise". It takes up a fair portion of the run time but keeps your apatite fresh for when Logic comes back to the mic with a plethora of rhymes delivered on top of his game.

Logic's firm grasp on the art of rap hails back as far as the roots, specifically heard in tributes to Nas's classic Illmatic flows as well as his own. The crisp delivery and smooth articulation has the strengths and hallmarks of raps greatest traits while standing to one side with his scintillating stretches of swift flows and embrace of modern trends. The timely use of sung raps and a soft dash of auto tune in spots breaks up the monotony that a full length of straight rap can encounter. His appeal must surely be broad as this record offers something up for fans of all eras. The same can be said of collaberator 6ix and his beats, a mix of lean drum loops and aptly programmed kits also span varying styles but mainly focus on the modern aesthetic as tight grooves with snappy hi hats match up with subtler, tone setting samples to build a meditative atmosphere for Logic to get in the zone with.

 Speaking to the strength of this record, I was really surprised when I realized the albums run time creeps just over an hour. It rolls by like a fine breeze keeping you cool until you notice times up. The lyrics are engaging, the moods engrossing. There is plenty to pick apart and the best of it comes in those classic Logic flows where it feels like each word is one ahead of the next as you mentally catch up with the wit in the rhyme. It ebbs and flows as he changes up the pacing with the sung hooks and the instrumentals are right in step. I can't fault the record, it doesn't define itself as groundbreaking or earth quaking, Its a solid musical experience, so enjoyable, so fun and a pleasure to let spin when you have the time.

Favorite Tracks: Fade Away, Like Woah, Young Jesus, Paradise, The Incredible True Story
Rating: 8/10