Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Logic "Young Sinatra" (2011)

I'm glad Ive worked through Logic's discography in reverse. This third mix tape, Young Sinatra, would have had a hard time luring me in without knowing whats to come. This is that point where a notable dip in quality occurs, or better stated, an artist in their infancy yet to fully blossom. Its a bloated seventy two minutes where Logic's reoccurring themes seem to regurgitate themselves several times within this one project itself. Ive heard so much of the Maryland rappers self assertion and tireless ambition that its getting a little tiring at this point, mind the pun.

Its an enjoyable project but the production is on the mediocre side. The beats tend to set an easy going tone within simple constructs of repetitive drum loops and warm sampling leaning to summery, jazzy vibes most the time. There is an undeniable 90s influence firmly in its stride and Logic too shows his influences lyrically. A lot of his future rhymes dazzle and impress on their own but unfortunately the best words heard on this project are mostly straight rewording of Nas and other classic lines of that era. To young fans they must sound killer but to an old Hip Hop head they don't get past. It leaves much of his lyricism firmly capable of getting a point across but the word play and attempts to be clever are often hit or miss.

Young Sinatra has a handful of tracks like "Are You Ready" that give of strong pop appeal vibes with overtly simplistic hooks and repetitive beats. There is also a sample picked up by Kendrick Lamar on Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe that can be heard on Addiction. Like the Young Sinatra: Undeniable mix tape, he has cuts rapping over classic East Coast beats from Craig Mack to Jay-Z and Nas to Mobb Deep. This time around he doesn't gives very little to the originals. As stated at the beginning this is an obvious drop in quality which of course is actually a step up on the next project. I enjoyed it when in the mood but this project doesn't leave much to be taken away.

Rating: 5/10