Saturday, 4 September 2021

C418 "Cookie Clicker" (2021)


A return to always be welcome with open arms is that of C418! Creator of wonders such as 148 and the timeless Minecraft soundtracks, excitement always blooms with news of fresh music. Three years on from Excursions, Daniel gives us a short twenty two minute release most alike that of his signature Minecraft sound. These new songs compliment that niche well, as I have learned, binging Cookie Clicker on repeat while residing within the blocky virtual realm. Its five songs connect like a single thread, carrying its main musical theme and melody from start to end.

It's a typically dreamy, whirling affair of progressive arpeggios bustling on with the ebb and flow of surging synths that rise and fall to briefly fly alongside it. Initially percussion is bare bones, building intensity and design with its steady pace as the music moves through several sudden shifts, eventually finding a burst of light for its crescendo. The mood is one of ethereal beauty, lost in a passing day dream.

With Grandmapocalypse that all changes as deep baselines and brooding waveform synths muster a little night life Synthwave flavor to lure us into a lean and dark corridor for the charming main melody to navigate. Danger lurks but one is always safe. Ascend then deforms much of the music into clusters of ambience and soundscape design, passing by before Click Forever brings back the arpeggio for one last swing.

The freshness of this music is exciting but ultimately it is one main musical theme fleshed out and thoroughly explored in its twenty minutes. On an album it could be but one single track. With more repetition I wouldn't be surprised if its magic dulled a little but thoughts aside its just nice to hear this musician again! His sound is still his own.

Rating: 5/10