Tuesday, 16 September 2014

C418 "Minecraft Volume Beta" (2013)

When this album dropped it somehow went under my radar, as both a C418 and Minecraft fan, it bemuses me somewhat that I missed it, but i finally made the time, and time is certainly what it is. Clocking in at 140 minutes this may be one of the longest album I've listened to, and for all thats good here, its the length that bugs me. I like albums, I like the listening experience, but it is hard in our busy lives to dedicate that time without interruption. Perhaps this isn't an album as such though, I do believe these are the songs that play throughout the game, however my music setting is muted so I wouldn't know any better!

So whats on display in this album? A lot, theres 30 tracks of lush soundtracks for your imagination to drift into. From quiet moody ambiance to quirky melodic leads and dramatic symphonies, there is a vast range of emotion, style and beauty in this record. C418 has a vast range of instruments and they are all crafted with a character that paints his sound on even the most routine of devices. Every composition here is lovely, in its own way.

For all thats good to be said i felt there was a lack of direction or momentum that took these tracks anywhere. Individually they shine, but as a collective the album drifts through many quiet spaces that drown out the more memorable moments. This makes sense, its a soundtrack for a game where the songs will creep in and out at random, and for that its fantastic, but as an album it's not quite what I'm looking for.

Favorite Tracks: Aria Math, Dead Voxel, Alpha, Ballad Of The Cats, The End
Rating: 6/10