Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Casualties Of Cool "Casualties Of Cool" (2014)

Casualties Of Cool is a concept album by Devin Townsend & Ché Aimee Dorval. Being a big Towsend fan i was pretty excited for this album, however i have found myself distracted and have only gotten around to listening to it properly this week! At first listen i was quite impressed, but with further listens i found this record to lack the depth that would bring me back to listen again.

This record has a warm and loving tone soaked in re-verb and ambiance that very much compliments the voice of Dorval, however beyond the tone and sound there isn't much going on musically that is really interesting to me. Having listened to Ki & Ghost many times over i wonder if Devin's ambient charm has worn off on me with this record, but i don't think its that, there really isn't a lot of substance in the songs.

The opening track "Daddy" shows everything this record has to offer, but every track after this just continues in the same vibe with no "moments" like in this track where Dorval comes in with "Two by two they pass you by". Its the only part of this record that sticks in my mind, and with the 14 tracks that follow it doesn't happen again for me. Lovely sound, but something was missing in the musicianship for me.

Favorite Track: Daddy
Rating 4/10