Friday, 26 September 2014

Tim Shiel "Duet" (2013)

Tim Shiel is a musician and radio DJ who's music I picked up for free on bandcamp after a recommendation from a commenter here on the blog! Electronic can be such a broad term for music, as can Ambient, this is a Ambient Electronic project with a similar feel to C418, however despite some similarities Tim yields his own memorable vibes and soundscapes that i am continuing to enjoy.

Duets is an absorbing listen, a record that can sit in both the back and foreground of your mind, its gentle and relaxing, yet intricate with a sense of detail. The melodic leads are poised in a balance between being the focus, and being part of the atmosphere. The rhythm section his is nicely arranged with many variations and details, sometimes making effective use of wobbles and harsher sounds that splice between the gently crafted rhythms.

This album has an array of passionately engineered sounds and beats composed together with care. As a whole it comes a little short with a couple of the tracks falling behind the mark set by the more memorable tracks on the record. In its best moments its an indulging listen, but at other times its a bit tame. I look forward to hearing more from Tim in the future.

Favorite Tracks: Theme From Duet, Nay, Exchange, Arete II
Rating: 6/10