Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Busdriver "Perfect Hair" (2014)

I picked up this album after a positive review from Needle Drop. Instant satisfaction, despite this being an unorthodox Hip Hop record I found it easy to listen to. Both the beats and Driver's flow are eccentric yet so approachable. Upon researching Busdriver I've learned this is his 10th album, the experience and maturity of an artist who's being doing this for 15 years explains the unusual accessibility of such a quirky sounding record.

Driver has a fantastic approach to his verbal articulation, he's got a charismatic energy that shines as he switches between rapping and singing in a effortless and unpredictable fashion. He accents his words with a bold character that gives him a voice that stands out loud. His chaotic flow can be difficult to follow throughout this record, but the tone and style he has speak volumes over the lyrical content itself.

The production is as interesting as the vocal entanglement. Jittery beats are accompanied by some varied instrumentals that have hard and dreamy synths that the drum kicks cut through to great effect. The themes and vibes of these tracks vary well from start to end, yet i find myself attracted to the collaborative producers tracks rather than Driver's, with the exception of "Retirement Ode" which has a synth lead the same as Lord Lovidicus's "A Quest For Silmarlils", pure coincidence of course, but i felt compelled to mention it. All in all a fantastic record which i am throughly enjoying.

Favorite Tracks: Retirement Ode, Ego Death, Upsweep, When The Tooth-Lined Horizon Blinks
Rating: 6/10