Sunday, 21 September 2014

Messenger "Illusory Blues" (2014)

I had the pleasure of catching this new emerging band at the union chapel in London supporting Casualties Of Cool. The setting was quite beautiful sitting in the pews of the communal church, the atmosphere in there was rich and absorbing and I found myself captivated by the harmonious aura their performance brought fourth. It didn't take me long to realize this was something special. Immediately after the show was over i headed to the merchandise stall to buy myself a copy of their album. Since then its been stuck in my CD player, and in my mind.

Messenger, and this album, have come out of nowhere to deliver us some exceptional Progressive music thats reminiscent of the great acts, from Floyd to Opeth, Porcupine to Genesis, there are influences to be felt in many moments, but through the similarities, Messenger really hold there own here. On this record they drift through many different musical passages with a strong melodic hold accompanied by some grandiose, honest vocal leads that resonate through the songs. Theres everything from dreamy, ambient passages, to heavy Zeppelin-esque riffs and its all beautifully bound together through some great musicianship, song structure and a great sense of melodic progression.

The icing's on the cake here. This album offers a lot to take in for the listener, and after many spins i am still absorbing much of the layered instrumentation. The recording here is befitting with no noticeable issues, however there are a few distortions i suspect where for effect in the heavier, riff oriented moments. This album is exceptional, i am liking it more with every listen and very glad i had the pleasure of seeing them live.

Favorite Tracks: The Return, Midnight, Somniloquist
Rating: 9/10