Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Art Of Noise "The Seduction Of Claude Debussy" (1999)

Being a Debussy fan its no surprise this album grabbed my attention. Having recently discovered this band through a dear friend showing me their classic "Moments In Love" song, I researched them and this being their last album, would be my first. Information available on this record quickly sucked me in, promising such a varied range of music genres and vocals from Rakim and John Hurt. I felt I had stumbled upon something great, and I had. As the album opened with "Il Pleure", a piece that gracefully sets the tone, It was sealed for me. After many spins later I can say may initial anticipation was not let down. This album is a stunning work of art.

This record is comprised of many musical styling that fuse effortless in such artistic form that you may wonder how these styles have not met before. The Classical sound here is the main focus, with a strong rhythmic presence of Jungle / Breakbeat that interchanges as the main focus in different moments throughout. Sally Bradshaw brings her Operatic voice into the frame, just another part of what makes this record so great. Her vocals take lead on "On Being Blue", her voice here and throughout is just sublime. Theres also a strong but generalized electronic presence here with all sort of synth & styles just further adding to the depth this album has.

To top if all off the album is wonderfully narrated by John Hurt, a voice many of us know well, who brings the theme of this record in place. Theres also room for legendary rapper Rakim in this album. I felt his appearance a little underwhelming, although his classic calm and collected flow was there, lyrically it fell a bit short for his standards, but then again this isn't a rap album and he fits in here just fine. All in all this is a stunning album, one I'm sure over time will be a classic in my books.

Favorite Tracks: Dreaming In Color, On Being Blue, Metaforce, The Holy Egoism Of Genius
Rating: 9/10