Monday, 13 October 2014

Darkspace "III I" (2014)

Three piece group Darkspace from Switzerland have produced a sound so terrifyingly dark and claustrophobic they would be an earful for many a Black Metal fan. Having found them through 2008's "III" i have been fascinated by their conceptual sound and output. Each album is titled in roman numerals and each song is simply "Dark x.y" x being album, y being song number. This unusual and minimalist approach ties well to there cosmic vibe, giving the songs little identity to attach to the bleak soundscapes. I initially thought this was an EP, having 3 tracks, being "III I" instead of "IV", but these tracks are long and this is a full length. One i have certainly been enjoying.

Six years since the last release the band have been frozen on ice, there is not much change to their cold, void-like, nihilistic sound. The mix is relatively similar to "III" where Darkspace found the sound that worked best for their atmospheric music. Condensing all instruments into a dense wall of colorless sound, it can be a little hard to get your ears around at first, but there is a genius where as your ears adjust you are surrounded and immersed in a rich sound that sucks you in. For a 27 minute song, and two 18s, these songs hold up well in a challenge to keep the listener engaged. The progression is key as these songs drift through long passages that build and build as the themes and depths explored intensify. 

The bands approach to song writing understands and appreciates their own immersible qualities, with many riffs and lead sections being drawn out across many minutes, sucking the listener in. There's a great range of cosmic synths, electro melodies and mystic, awe-inspiring sounds that provide these songs with much depth. The heavy rhythm guitar that bursts through the track returns on this record, and the drumming is precise and mechanical as ever, always providing fast paced blasting that sits subtly in the background. Everything is good with this record, but I would of hoped for more evolution with their sound, however the "III" formula is impeccable and perhaps why this one was named "III I".

Favorite Song: 4.19
Rating 7/10