Friday, 24 October 2014

Marilyn Manson "Antichrist Superstar" (1996)

In my youth Manson was a popular and controversial figure who's music I never really gave a go. I'm unsure as to why his genius never appealed to me then, but having recently watched some documentaries about his music I've learned hes a very intelligent and articulate person. Understanding a little more about the person behind the peculiar self imagery has really opened the door for me and i decided to start with the album that transformed him into a sensation. This being the bands second full length rocketed into the charts upon its release and has remained as their best selling album by far.

The album as a whole has is an artistic and creative expression packaged into a metalic, rockable sound layered with an Industrial aesthetic that give this one a unique and instantly identifiable sound. Manson's presences in these songs is poetic, through his somewhat unexceptional voice hes engages my attention with many thought provoking lines delivered with emotion and intent. Manson is almost self prophetic, with many lyrics retaining to being a controversial figure of hate that he became on the albums release. These lyrical statements often reflect whats wrong with societal values and they are delivered with a cunning artistic expression. One of the more comical lines has stuck in my mind "I wasn't born with enough middle fingers", we have all had days like that. Theres a lot to relate to on this record if you have an alternative perspective of humanity and society.

Manson's poetic presence maybe stealing the show but the instrumentals are worthy of merit too, across the record theres a lot of variety in instrumentation and flavor as the songs drift from rock head bangers to moody movers. The instrumentals keep a strong feeling together despite offering some decent variety with electronic leads shifting focus with the crunchy guitar tones. Theres lots of detailed sounds and noises adding depth to all these tracks and the rhythm section is refreshing, offering some more inventive and unexpected patterns utilizing a large pallet of sounds from an industrial themed drum machine. It all comes together so well, this album is devoid of filler with most the tracks bringing memorable beats, riffs, melodies and lyrics. I now see what the fuss is about and I'm excited to listen to more!

Favorite Songs: Torniquiet, Little Horn, Deformography, Angel With The Scabbed Wings, The Reflecting God
Rating: 8/10