Thursday, 23 October 2014

Killing Joke "Extremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions" (1990)

I have been enjoying my recent foray into Industrial music, and Killing Joke was a group not so appealing at first, but i am glad i stuck with it as this album has grown on me tremendously. Killing Joke are a Post-Punk group from Noting Hill who through the 80's released many albums that incorporated some Gothic and New Wave elements to their sound. Extremities is the groups ninth album and one i chose to listen to for the cited Industrial influences the band had brought to their sound. With little experience of there previous works i got to listen to this record from a neutral perspective.

Extremities is drenched in nostalgia through guitars that bring forth a big sound, distortion characterized by flanged overtones mold a big presence in these tracks. The riffs, either simple or complex are given a big boost by this sound which remains a strong point for this record from start to end. Killing Joke utilize a variety of riffs across this one, often lending to progression and atmosphere but at times breaking out some rock sensibility and memorable riffage that stands out from the hazy flanged noise the guitars ooze. There presence feels paramount but there is more on offer.

The drumming is solid, nothing that stands out but it doesn't do any harm, its always in tune with the music. The bass is solid, its presence is strong on most tracks but occasionally gets a little lost under the big guitars, on occasions bringing a lovely overdriven tone I wish would have featured more often. The vocals being very British were a little stark on first listen and felt slightly contrasting, however with familiarity comes acceptance. Alongside these elements there is definitely some electronic presences with the occasion tracks brining in some subtle scratching sounds at extra details if you listen carefully. And some synth leads are there t0o, mixed to bleed with the guitars. Overall a great listen. Lots of good songs but I especially liked the mix, it has a lot of character and lets the instruments work together to build some noisy atmospheres.

Favorite Tracks: Money Is Not Our God, The Beautiful Dead, Solitude, North Of The Border
Rating: 5/10