Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Earth "Primitive And Deadly" (2014)

Earth are an American Drone Metal band from Washington that formed in 1989 and are considered pioneers in the field of Drone Metal. Over the years there style and sound has changed, evolving into a more melodic and Rock sound than their Drone roots, although still keeping the Sludge / Drone relevant in their sound. 2007s Hibernaculum caught my attention with its slow, sludging groves performed in melodical tones that created contrasting atmospheres of relaxation and intensity, since then i have been enjoying this bands output, and this album has certainly grasped my attention.

Primitive And Deadly sounds lush and vivid, capturing the textural depths of guitars that drone there beautiful distortion in graceful sludgery. The clean melodic leads share the space effortlessly as the two wrap and meld around one another. The drumming ever present, quietly retaining the pace of these slow burners with grace. On 3 this records 5 tracks, Earth introduce a vocal presence with exquisite execution, Lanegan & Qazi bring artistic, poetic performances to the fold, so tastefully done. There is a real connection between the instrumentals and the vocalists that add great depth to this record.

Through these slow burning numbers Earth build enigmatic & psychedelic soundscapes that have an almost rock-like feel to them. Maybe if sped up some of these riffs would sound a bit more so, but there sluggish dragging of these riffs create spacious atmospheres for these chords and distortions to ring out to great effect. Through these spaces the songs progress and build thoughtful and unresting moods that give this album and immersible quality. I'm ever so impressed with this record, I've been lavishing in these tunes. Earth have mastered their sound, and this record is a fantastic step forward for them.

Favorite Tracks: There Is A Serpent Coming, From The Zodiacal Light
Rating: 6/10