Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Deerhoof "Apple O'" (2003)

Deerhoof are a four piece band from California who have been utilizing a DIY ethic for 20 years, producing 13 albums and various EPs. I recently stumbled across this record which has proven to be a delightful one. My first impression had me thinking this would be a challenging listen, but i gravitated towards it quickly. It has since expanded my view of what constitutes music and musical aesthetics.

Apple O' is a quirky record that defies conventional musical norms with its sporadic and abrasive sound. From track to track there is an ever growing progression between noisy and melodic elements that exist in a explosive and unconventional environment. With odd time signatures and simplistic riffing Deerhoof harness the most simplistic of musical pleasures and package them into quirky songs that flow in there own direction, free of conventional song structure. When you deconstruction the songs in your mind its easy to see what makes these songs works, however there creation has a subtle touch of genius I couldn't see myself recreating.

The riffage on this album is varied, sometimes metalic, punkish or even stadium rock, but its always performed in a brash, clunky, out of tune act that give this record the quirky and sporadic vibe aforementioned. The drumming is fantastic, wild, free flowing and interesting throughout. It may be a little shadowed by the guitar, but its impressive and a highlight. Matsuzaki's vocals are playful and have a childish energy about them, often singing quietly alongside screeching guitars, she provides another quirk to this record with her wordless vocals adding extra dimensions to the intense guitars. Their sound and style on this record is in full effect, theres plenty of memorable moments and the album progresses into a more melodic state before blowing up near the end with the intense track "Adam + Eve Connection", which gradually builds and explodes with distortion. A great listening experience!

Favorite Tracks: Sealed With A Kiss, Flower, My Diamond Star Car, L'amour Stories, Panda Panda Panda
Rating: 6/10


  1. Hey xisuma wich music do you recommend if you just want to work on something and want some music to listen to ?

    1. Any music really, whatever your in the mood for. Or are you specifically looking for something gentle and ambient while you focus on work?

  2. Greg Saunier is one of the many drummers who have influenced me. I like how he utilizes a minimalist kit, giving his all while performing.