Friday, 4 September 2015

Adrian Von Ziegler "Vagabond" (2013)

Looking for the next record of Adrian Von Ziegler's to spin, I noticed "Vagabond" had a similar format to our recent enjoyment "Wanderer". Four tracks, each twenty minutes in length, this was another seasonally themed ambiance of indulgence mixing gentle scores with the winds, chirping of birds and even the waters washing up on the shoreline. Where "Wanderer" charmed with its balance of environmental ambiance and passing melodies, "Vagabond" find a much more direct approach with a stronger presences from the stringed instruments that give the record a symphonic vibe.

"Winter Breath" is the most striking song, a deep howling wind paints the night black, lead by echoing xylophones as the sounds of frozen caves and landscapes glisten in the spooky quiet beyond the twilight. It steadily builds into big theatrics with strings, choir aahs and dramatic leads that intensify gently before unraveling back into the snowy, dusk bound track led by the winds.

The other three tracks are not quite as impressive, however "Autumn Forest" has some big Celtic folk leads that feel as if they have been cherry picked from traditional folk songs. They come to dance in between quite moments which is what all the songs do here, drift between calm and climactic moments, intensifying in depth and volume. Its a great ambient record, but one that's more demanding of your attention than "Wanderer". Both make for great choices when in the particular mood.

Favorite Song: Winter Breath
Rating: 6/10


  1. have you ever heard of 'hatebeak'?
    Their lead singer is quite interesting

    1. Is that the band with a parrot on vocals? lol