Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Izioq "Hey Listen!" (2018)

Within the space of a week we have been graced with two new, short but sweet Izioq records! Late Night Golfing ventured into the spacey, nostalgic world of vaporware and the cutely named Hey Listen! brings us back to familiar territory. Its another selection of warm, fuzzy and carefree songs arriving here, set to relax and wind us down with colorful melodies that breeze through fields of innocence. Much of this record hits on the familiar childhood feels, the mixing of retro textured Chiptune VGM instruments and soft synths with warm piano melodies is as vibrant and characteristic as ever. Another round of youthful and spirited songs play us through the wonders of imagination, Its much of what Ive said before that applies again and so its probably unsurprising that my focus turns to the moments of difference.

The title track erupts with some spice as Latino guitars bustle warm cultural chords, somehow mixing right in with splashes of sound that introduce bright, cheerful melodies on chirpy waveform instruments, the chemistry is wonderful and unexpected. Hermits gets a nod for its wonderfully quirky opening tune that swiftly finds its way into a warm and spirited place as the music so often does, its opening goof diverting expectations. The Album will perk ears with a sampling of Lisa Simpsons voice, the song itself slow and dreamy, drifting in a precarious, slightly dreary but free of danger atmosphere. The final track Happy Meal sounds almost like another project altogether, its deep and rich atmosphere pulling on emotional strings similar to the likes of Sigur Ros, its welcome but feels like a different avenue of mood. All in all its another fine collections of melodies with a couple of sparks from rewarding experimentation.

Favorite Tracks: Hey Listen!, Hermits
Rating: 5/10