Thursday, 5 April 2018

Suicidal Tendencies "Get Your Fight On!" (2018)

It would seem that Suicidal are in a stride. The legendary Crossover Thrash outfit from Venice beach have graced this decade with dedicated touring and a couple of albums, of which this short EP is warming us up for another album to come later in the year. Their last effort World Gone Mad was a reasonable release but for an old band sticking to their roots there was little too surprise with. If they wanted to wet the appetite with this EP then there isn't much in sight of originality or creativity beyond doing their sound again. Consisting of a Stooges cover, three new songs and two re-recordings from singer Mike Muir's solo project Cyco Miko. The EP is brief and fun for a couple of listens but that's about it.

 With new tracks Get United and iAuthority, the band stir up a warm atmosphere with jiving baselines prowling and acoustic guitar riffs in the main sections. It creates a rather musical and relaxed setting for Mike to get angry with his passionate shouts. The full on guitar distortion comes in with an exotic color in the chorus, flavorful and punchy however on Nothing To Loose and S.E.D. its business as usual with fast chomping Hardcore beats and dizzying thrash guitars with Mike throwing down is usual eccentric vocal inflections. With just a singular moment of interest through Get United this EP offers little other than what you'd expect, if its the same old Suicidal your looking for then you got it right here.

Favorite Track: Get United
Rating: 3/10