Monday, 1 October 2018

Logic "Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever" (2013)

The Logic journey continues with this mixtape and I might just hold off from his recently YSIV until Ive made it back to the starting line, another four releases. The new record is actually continuing where this left of since Logic didn't touch the Young Sinatra name between this and that. The new record also has a track called Wu-Tang Forever with the entire Wu-Tang Clan... that is something I absolutely need to hear!

To jump straight to the point Welcome To Forever is fantastic but flawed collection of songs. This is a very "of the moment", raw, youthful and energetic record full of life. Its also rather bloated at seventy three minutes with tracks that frequently drift from the core tone, both lyrically and instrumentally. Its beats play from the 90s to the Kanye era and into the origins of auto tune and Trap style production that was coming into its own five years ago. Kicking of with snippets of KRS-One the album is loaded with bold sampling from the likes of Ice Cube, Drake, Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, paying a firm tribute to the Hip Hop universe. Unsurprisingly Frank Sanatra turns up and so do Parliament of the samples I caught. He also uncannily mimics the Down To Erf rhyme, flow and cadence on his A Tribe Called Quest tribute, its got to be a reference!

Logic puts himself on the stage for judgement by rapping over the classic Ms Jackson beat by Outkast. Its a firm statement but becomes across with a keenness and passion for the craft, a young artists with it all to give. Its endearing and when his lyrics go into that "prove yourself" zone the music is illuminated. This record also includes many features and talks about his Rat-pack collective, a lot more than Ive heard before. His lyrics bring us into this moment where is hard work is paying off and its time to shine with his friends. I'm not sure who's who but Dizzy Wright lights up the incredible Young Jedi instrumental as the record strides into its strong final phase.

Many of the modern instrumentals are paired with the less engaging topics. It just so happens to be my favorite instrumentals that have Logic flexing his vocal prowess with impressive rhymes and flows. He paints the picture of this moment, walking us through his struggles, the deal with Def Jam and doing what he loves, working hard and putting out this mixtape with the debut album in the works too. In those tracks this is golden, its ties to Hip Hop through samples and references feel so genuine and passionate, unfortunate its patchy, caught in a haze of varied instrumentals. Trimmed down to its best there is a solid forty minute experience here.

Favorite Tracks: 925, The Come Up, Nasty, Young Jedi, Common Logic, Just A Man, Man Of The Year
Rating: 7/10